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Redefining Outsourcing

Chime was founded in 2015 to deliver high-touch contact center solutions on behalf of its clients by drawing on its leadership’s deep experience in the Customer Contact Outsourcing Industry. Our story has its roots at Ryla Teleservices, which was founded in 2001 as a startup and successfully grew to a national leading BPO service provider by offering both an employee first service delivery model. The leadership team has taken its Ryla experience to start Chime Solutions as a niche service provider poised to disrupt the BPO industry.

Headquartered in Morrow, GA, 10 miles south of downtown Atlanta, Chime Solutions delivers distinctive customer care experiences on behalf of our clients. From customer care to seasonal support and back office support services, our experienced team communicates with your customers in our state-of-the-art modern, secure and spacious contact centers.

Unlike many global outsourcing companies that may serve hundreds of clients in global locations, which can result in impersonal, guarded relationships in a mass production type culture and environment, Chime has taken a different approach. We offer operational transparency and a teaming partnership approach with our clients. We believe that we can serve our client’s customers best when we have the benefit of our client expertise, guidance and support throughout the engagement. We believe in shared responsibilities and shared benefits with our clients. Our aspiration is to operate as “One” team with our clients.

More About Us

Passion For People

We love what we do. We firmly believe that in order to deliver the best services possible, our team must be empowered and know they play an indispensable role in client success. We lead with a double-bottom approach, keeping people at the heart of all that we do.


10,000 Jobs by 2020

We are on a mission to connect communities, corporations and employees in 10 cities to create at least 10,000 jobs by 2020. Replicating our current model, leveraging our experienced leadership team and building strategic partnerships will allow us to impact under-resourced communities all over America. It’s a win – win – win.


Repurposing with a purpose

Chime is the multiplier that helps companies succeed, individuals flourish and communities thrive. We are for smart, progressive businesses that question the status quo, because Chime knows we can make customer interactions better, and the world better, at the same time.


Our Team

Over 20 years experience in sales, customer care, tech support and account management

team people

Mark Wilson


  • 30 years of experience in the business process outsourcing industry
  • Founded Ryla Teleservices, Inc. a nationally recognized customer support and contact center with more than 3,000 employees and revenues of $150M+
  • Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010
  • Former President and CEO of eVerifile
  • Received his degree in Business Administration and Management from Wilberforce University

team people

Shelly Wilson


  • Co-founded Ryla Teleservices, a leading customer care solutions provider in the Business Processing Outsourcing industry. Mrs. Wilson led all of HR functions for the organization and was responsible for staffing as the company grew from three employees to over 3,000 employees 15+ years of experience in operations and human resources management
  • Prior to Co-founding Ryla, she served in senior level positions for Synavant, IMS Health, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Received her degree in Micro-Biology at Howard University

team people

Theresa Badgett


  • 20+ years of accounting and finance experience
  • Former CFO at Ryla and eVerifile
  • Responsible for all financial aspects of the organization
  • Received her degree in Business Administration as an Accounting major from Columbia College of Missouri

team people

Ashok Vairavan


  • 20+ years in BPO Industry
  • 1st employee hired in Ryla Teleservices in 2002
  • Responsible for Strategy, Client Services, Business Development and Marketing
  • Previously with eVerifile, Deloitte Consulting and Dun & Bradtsreet
  • Received his degree in Management from University of Dayton and Masters in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University

team people

Zlatko Baric


  • 20+ years of experience in IT
  • Build, implemented and supported IT solutions across a variety of industries
  • Responsible for IT strategy, applications, infrastructure and operations
  • Former Director of Software development and Integrations at Ryla Teleservices
  • Received his degree from Sarajevo University

team people

Lauren Wilson


  • Responsible for Quality Assurance and Employee Engagement
  • Graduated from University of Georgia
  • Received masters degree from Georgia State University
  • Currently pursuing MBA at American University

Together We Can Make A Difference

Connecting communities, corporations and employees in 10 cities to create 10,000 jobs by 2020

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