We are on a mission to connect communities, corporations and employees in 10 cities to create at least 10,000 jobs by 2020. Replicating our current model, leveraging our experienced leadership team and building strategic partnerships will allow us to impact under-resourced communities all over America. It’s a win – win – win

The Problem

  • Under-resourced communities have been left behind
  • Corporations lack opportunities to increase their corporate social responsibility and supplier diversity initiatives
  • An able workforce exists without well-paying local job opportunities

The Solution

  • To connect communities, corporations and employees in 10 cities to create 10,000 jobs by 2020

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1 job created will generate an additional 2.5 jobs

Chime is the multiplier that helps companies succeed, individuals flourish and communities thrive. We are for smart, progressive businesses that question the status quo, because Chime knows we can make customer interactions better, and the world better, at the same time.


Our Proven Model

Morrow, GA

Creating Over 1k Jobs

Inject new demand for goods and services

Drive “The Multiplier Effect”

Delivering Trusted Solutions

Customer Care

Business Process Outsourcing

Seasonal Project Support

Workforce Support

Financial Literacy

Wellness Programs

Professional and Personal Development

Repurposing With A Purpose

Repurpose vacated anchor stores in older malls in under-resourced communities

We don’t subscribe to the idea that success requires a winner and a loser. We know everyone can win.

  • Our Employees Can Win
  • Our Clients Can Win
  • Our Locations Can Win
  • Our Communities Can Win

The Multiplier Effect

Image for Community

10,000 new jobs will bring economic and social value

  • Revitalization of shopping malls and surrounding areas
  • Goal of 25-50% reduction of unemployment rate in forgotten, under- resourced communities
  • Initiate Economic Multiplier Effect MBE development
  • HBCU support
Image for Corporations

Partnerships will provide the opportunity to procure high value services while supporting community development and Supplier Diversity.

  • Improving quality of service & lower cost
  • Investing in corporate social responsibility.
  • Enhancing brand reputation in community through public relations
  • Accessing an onshore contact center with motivated employees and bend-over-backwards service.
  • Supporting a proven MBE through the transition of existing outsourced contact center work.
Image for Employees

New job opportunities will enable individuals to reach their full potential.

  • High paying job opportunities
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and continue education
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Life skill classes


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